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Lina Ouologuem

Lina Ouologuem (PhD Student)

Since August 2022 PhD Student, AK Bartel, LMU Munich
2020-2022 MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences, LMU Munich
2017-2020 BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences, LMU Munich


Ouologuem L and Bartel K. Endolysosomal transient receptor potential mucolipins and two-pore channels: implications for cancer immunity. Front. Immunol. 15:1389194. (2024) doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2024.1389194

Frey N*, Ouologuem L*, Blenninger J, Siow WX, Thorn-Seshold J, Stöckl J, Abrahamian C, Fröhlich T, Vollmar AM, Grimm C, Bartel K. Endolysosomal TRPML1 channel regulates cancer cell migration by altering intracellular trafficking of E-cadherin and β1-integrin, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Volume 300, Issue 1 (2024)