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Prof. Dr. Olivia Merkel - 77022 olivia.merkel@cup.


Sabine Kohler -77019 sabine.kohler@cup.

Academic Directors, Group Leaders, and Postdoctoral Associates:

Dr. Katharina Prüßmann -77024 katharina.pruessmann@cup.
Dr. Alexandra Mößlang - 77132 alexandra.moesslang@cup.
Dr. Benjamin Winkeljann - 77933 benjamin.winkeljann@cup.
Dr. Simone Carneiro - 77027 simone.carneiro@cup.
Dr. Valentin Fell - 77118 valentin.fell@cup.
Dr. Karin Bartel -77097 karin.bartel@cup.
Dr. Müge Molbay - 77027 muege.molbay@cup.

PhD Students:

Siyu Chen - 77028 siyu.chen@cup.
David (Keul) Jürgens - 77510 david.keul@cup.
Lennart Brack +49 621 589 1853
Gabriele Loiudice - 77028 gabriele.loiudice@cup.
Paulina Fischer +49 621 589 1853
Joschka Müller - 77101 joschka.mueller@cup.
Leonie Deßloch - 77510 leonie.dessloch@cup.
Adrian Kromer - 77197 adkroph@cup.
Min Jiang - 77034 min.jiang@cup.
Katharina Steinegger - 77034 katharina.steinegger@cup.
Anny Nguyen - 77203 anny.nguyen@cup.
Katrin Wiebe - 77029 katrin.wiebe@cup.
Stina Rademacker - 77029 stina.rademacker@cup.
Felix Sieber-Schäfer - 77117 felsiph@cup.
Lasse Hagedorn - 77117 lasse.hagedorn@cup.
Carolina Fuchs carolina.fuchs@cup.
Fabian Link
Nora Martini nora.martini@cup.
Moritz Marschhofer moritz.marschhofer@cup.
Jiayi Zhu jiazhph@cup.
Leon Reger leon.reger@cup.
Greta Gallo -77197

MS Students:

Corinne Giancaspro
Johan Farfan
Mariana Brunetto Büttenbender
Domenico Lo Mascolo
Salvatore Caruso


Gabriele Brandstäter - 77033 gabriele.brandstaeter@cup.
Susanne Petzel
Alice Hirschmann
Regine Bahr


Matthias Anzböck


Ekaterina Sokolova MS student intern
Rebecca Kiok MS student intern
Mariem Trikki MS thesis student
Marie-Christin Hain MS student intern and MS thesis student
Dr. Lea-Adriana (Keller) Barlang PhD Student 2020-2023
"Nasal and Pulmonary Administration for Brain and Lung Drug Delivery"
Dr. Domizia Baldassi

PhD Student 2019-2023
"Pulmonary delivery of drugs for the treatment of inflammatory
and infectious diseases

Dr. Bettina (Schwarz) Gabold

PhD Student 2018-2023
"Chitosan Nanoparticles for Nose-to-Brain Delivery of Biologics"

Anna Maria Mazzetta ERASMUS intern 2023
Paola Grillo Coppola ERASMUS MS student 2023
Raffaella Daniele Visiting PhD student 2023
Chiara Ogliari Visiting PhD student 2023
Moritz Marschhofer ERASMUS MS student 2023
Dr. Natascha Hartl PhD Student 2017-2023
"Hydrophobically Modified Polymers as a Potential siRNA Delivery System
for Brain Diseases
Dr. Lorenz Isert PhD Student 2017-2023
"In-vitro modeling and nanoparticulate targeting of EMT in breast cancer"
Elody Man MD Research Intern 2020
Dr. Marta Cabibbo ERASMUS PhD student
Sema Benzer ERASMUS intern
Xiaoxuan Wang MS thesis student and student assistant 2021/2022
Chrisoula Tahtsidou MS intern and MS thesis student 2022
Felix Sieber-Schäfer Pharmacy Intern 2022
Dr. Christoph Zimmermann PhD Student 2019-2022
"Formulation and characterization of siRNA embedded
nanoparticles for pulmonary delivery
Dr. Yao Jin PhD Student 2019-2022
"Synthesis and application of spermine-based
poly(β-amino ester)s and PEI-based copolymers for
siRNA delivery
Lasse Hagedorn Pharmacy Intern 2022
Ghizal Niko MS intern and MS thesis student 2022
Lara Trnovec ERASMUS MS student 2022
Irene Bertolo ERASMUS MS student 2022
Federica Catapano ERASMUS MS student 2022
Nora Martini Student Intern 2022
Rosario Milazzo ERASMUS MS student and student assistant 2021-2022
Laetitia Eller Student Intern 2022
Carlotta Italiano ERASMUS Intern 2022
Florencia Alonso ERASMUS PhD student 2022
Cynthia Zettl Student Assistant, Pharmacy Intern and Graduate Student
Fabian Volk Pharmacy Intern and Graduate Student
Daniela Azedo ERASMUS MS student
Sofia Lopes ERASMUS MS student
Dr. Antonietta Greco ERASMUS PhD student 2021-2022
Thi My Hanh Ngo MS student and intern 2021-2022
Kate Kutsenok DAAD PhD student 2020-2021
Diana Leidy Porras-Gonzalez MS student
Dr. Gemma Conte Exchange PhD student 2021
Erika Lynn Roberts MD Research Intern 2021
Evin Turan MD Research Intern 2021
Lamija Ibrahimpasic MD Research Intern 2021
Mengyao Xiong Master Student 2021
Dr. Friederike Adams Postdoc 2018-2021
Judith Möller PhD Student 2020-2021
Dr. Patrick Strack

PhD Student 2017-2021
"Novel nano- and microparticulate formulations for industrial
preclinical research

Felix Sieber-Schäfer Student Assistant
Iris Kachel Master Student Intern 2020
Nina da Costa Huber MD Research Intern and Student Assistant 2020
Isabel Rummeny MD Research Intern 2020
Gemma Conte DAAD PhD student 2020
Dr. Edmar Filho Erasmus+ PhD student 2020
Dr. Aditi Mehta Postdoctoral Researcher and Group Leader 2016-2020
Anas Missaoui Erasmus + Intern, Master Student 2020
Remei Escudero Franch Erasmus+ Intern 2020
Adrian Kromer Bachelor thesis student 2020
Dr. Tobias Keil

PhD Student 2016-2020
"Formulation and Characterization of siRNA
containing Polyplexes as Dry Powder for Pulmonary Delivery

Mara Weis MD Research Intern 2019-2020
Dr. Matteo Petrini

PhD Student 2016-2019
"Cationic and anionic phosphatidyldiglycerol-based thermosensitive liposomes for the targeted delivery of chemotherapeutics and immunoadjuvants"

Dr. Rima Kandil PhD Student 2016-2019
"T Cell Targeted Nanoparticles for Pulmonary siRNA Delivery as Novel Asthma Therapy
Leonie von Brunn MD Student 2019
Dr. Gabriella Costabile Postdoctoral Researcher and Group Leader 2017-2019
Camilla Di Caprio Erasmus + Intern, Master Student 2018-2019
Johannes Bader Master Student 2018
Kristina Eiglmeier Master Student Intern 2016
Dr. Moses Andima PhD Rotation Student 2017-2018
Elena Dalle Vedove Erasmus + Intern 2017
Dan Feldmann, PhD

PhD Student 2013-2017
"Preparation And Utility Of Polymeric Nanoparticles For The Delivery Of Sirna As Cancer Therapy"

Steven Jones, PhD

PhD Student 2012-2017
"Folate Receptor Alpha Targeted Delivery And Characterization Of Polyethyleneimine-Graft-Polycaprolactone-Block-Poly(ethylene Glycol) Containing Sirna Micelleplexes"

Yuran Xie, PhD

PhD Student 2012-2017
"Transferrin Receptor Targeted Delivery Of Sirna For Gene Therapy"

Lorenz Isert, Pharmacist Pharmacy Intern 2015
Shu Wang, BS Undergraduate researcher 2015
Ying Li, MS

Master Student 2013-2015
"Folate Receptor Targeted Three-Layered Micelles and Hydrogels for Gene Delivery to Activvated Macrophages"

Barani Govindarajan, MS Lab Manager 2013-2015
Sara Movassaghian, PharmD, PhD Postdoc 2013-2015
Mariam Ghazi, Pharmacist Pharmacy Intern 2015
Bridget Vendittelli, PharmD PharmD Intern 2015
Marina Pittiglio, PharmD PharmD Intern 2015
Joshua Kovoor Undergraduate researcher 2015
Otavio Flausino Undergraduate researcher 2015
Leonardo Marques Undergraduate researcher 2015
Lena Gayar, BS Undergraduate researcher 2015
Mariam Mohammadi, Pharmacist Pharmacy Intern 2014-2015
Ahmed El Mahmoudi, MS Master Student Intern 2014-2015
Nicolette Moses, PhD PhD rotation student 2014
Vincent Lizzio, MD Medical Student Intern 2013-2014
Kathrin Gasteyer, MS, Pharmacist

Pharmacy Intern 2014
"Synthesis and nanoparticle formulation of SV7 as novel antibiotic drug"

Rima Kandil, Pharmacist Pharmacy Intern 2014
Jameson Tockstein, BS Undergraduate researcher 2014
Nicholas Kolderman, JD, MS Master Student Intern 2014
Tim Shae, BS Undergraduate researcher 2014
Venkatareddy Nadithe, PhD Postdoc 2011-2014
Ethan Brock, PhD PhD rotation student 2014
Teresa Kraus, Pharmacist Pharmacy Intern 2013-2014
Claudia Hildebrandt, MSc Master Student Intern 2013
Maha Elsayed, MS

Master Student 2011-2013
"Oligospermines For Non-Viral Sirna Delivery"

Roua Mounir, PharmD PharmD researcher
Vincent Corrand, Dipl Ing Undergraduate researcher 2013
Katherine VanDenburgh, BS Undergraduate researcher 2013
Rebecca Shapiro, BS Undergraduate researcher 2012
Danielle Batton, MS Undergraduate researcher 2012-2013
Rayna Rosati, PhD PhD rotation student
Na Hyung Kim, PhD Postdoc 2011-2013